East End Refugee Committee (EERC)

"I was a stranger and you welcomed me" (Matthew 25:35)

St. Aidan's and six other faith communities in east Toronto work together to sponsor and welcome refugees to Canada. In 25 years, EERC has undertaken 20 sponsorships, totally 57 people. A few have been private sponsorships but most are through the cost sharing Blended Visa Office Referral program.

This year the committee has agreed to sponsor a family under the BVOR program or an Afghan family of 5 related to a previously sponsored family whichever is accepted first by Canada or possibly both if a BVOR family can arrive first. As at December 2021, the Afghan family may be accepted by the USA and then possibly be able to come to Canada to reunite with family. Additional sponsorship funding will be needed.

For a full description of EERC’s work and how you might help, please refer to our attached brochure or contact Sue Stuart via the church office 416-691-2222.

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